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QS4 - 4 Intelligent Loops Panel
Mã số : QS4-12-G-2; QS4-5-G-2
Giá : Call
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Mô tả Sản phẩm

Standard Features

         One to four Signature loops – each with a capacity of 250 Intelligent devices – PLUS up to 48 conventional circuits

         Compatible with two- and four-wire smoke detectors

        Combines the Signature intelligent releasing module with Signature multisensor detectors for reliable suppression

         Failsafe mode ensures uncompromised reliability

         Class A (Style 7) or Class B (Style 4) wiring options

         Capacity for eight remote annunciators

         Four built-in system relays

         Optional dual line dialer supports Contact ID and 4/2 formats

         Three methods of programming: QuickStart “auto-learn,” front panel and personal computer (PC)

         Supports optional barcode scanner for direct device data entry

         Two optional banks of 30 front panel switches with dual LEDs

         Up to 20 adjustable pre-alarm settings for Signature smoke detectors

         Red or grey cabinets in two sizes for surface or semi-fush mounting

         Large 14-line (224 character) backlit LCD display

         Four password levels, plus priority access keyswitch

         Message routing by event type or by individual message

         Alarm sensitivity by time of day or manual selection

         1,000 event history buffer, plus alarm history counter

         6 amp Power Supply, 4.75 amps available for external use

         Envoy graphics compatible

         Compare utility identifes system changes and simplifes testing

         QS4-12-G-2: Multi-Loop System with Cpu, Power supply, 12 option card Gray enclosure with 230v transformer, English

         QS4-5-G-2: Multi-Loop System with Cpu, Power supply, 05 option card Gray enclosure with 230v transformer, English