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FireShield - 10 Zones Conventional Panel
Mã số : EST-FS1004G-2
Giá : Call
Số lượng :     

Mô tả Sản phẩm

Standard Features

  • Available in 3, 5, and 10 IDC models
  • IDC or NAC pairs convertible to single Class A circuits (10 and 5 IDC panels only)
  • Supports 2M, “EC” and 6200 Series detectors
  • Combination Waterflow and Supervisory IDCs
  • NACs programmable by zone and individually selectable for genesis, continuous, or temporal outputs
  • Front panel programmable
  • PC programmable with optional DACT installed
  • Genesis option allows precision synchronization and audible silence over two wires without additional modules
  • On-board relays for Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble
  • Optional serial bus relay modules are programmable for common or zone activation
  • Optional serial bus remote annunciator
  • One person device testing (audible or silent)
  • Expandable power supply (10 IDC panel only)
  • Optional City Tie and Reverse Polarity Modules
  • Optional trim ring for semi-flush mounting
  • Optional fully integrated DACT/Dialer with:

          32-character LCD display

          Event history log

          Supports Contact ID and SIA DCS 4/2

          Upload/download of Panel/DACT configuration, status and event history